About Edit

The idea for this basic script is to emulate my physical pen-and-paper To-Do list by creating a command-line script that can create, store, and edit a To-Do list from the command-line.

Git: CLI_ToDoList

What I LearntEdit

I learnt (re-learnt) how to use the Argparse module in Python and handle files.

I learnt how to manipulate lines inside text files and how to edit them from the command line.

I also learnt how to use the datetime, and colorama modules. As well as finding out you can use the webbrowser module to open text files in basic text editing programs in Windows and Linux.

Another thing that I learnt was how to find out the operating system your script is being run in using the os module.

References Edit

Here are some of the sites that helped me while building my script.

How to get current date and time in Python

How do I check if I'm running on Windows in Python?

colorama 0.4.1

Creating and Deleting Directories with Python

Python File Handling

argparse python docs

Building Beautiful Command Line Interfaces with Python

Python Advanced Tutorial 3 - Argparse

Using Python for deleting a specific line in a file

Python Argparse Cookbook

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