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Git: CLI_Word-Craft

This is a basic word game that is played in the command line/terminal.

The Game Edit

A random letter is generated between A and Z. The player is asked to give words that start with generated letter. Player can be awarded 3 strikes before they are out and their final score is awarded. Each word is worth 1 point unless the generated letter given is one of the following: X, Z, U, Y, W. Each valid word given is stored and calculated at the end of the game, and high scores are stored in a text doc. The list of given words passed by the user is checked every round to make sure there is no duplicates given.

Strike System Edit

Strikes are awarded to player for the following actions:

  • Duplicate word given.
  • A word is given that is not in the dictionary (spelt wrong or jibberish).
  • A word is given that does not start with the generated letter.

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