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Welcome to the wiki. I post information that I use regularly for programming and VFX work, mostly so I have an online location for my notes.
When I am in the process of learning new things in regards to programming or Maya, I like to write notes on them here.

Blog : Renee Marsland - Brain Catalogue

Topic Backlog

This is a new addition that I have made to help me categorize and prioritize the topics I want to learn.
Each item falls into one of three categories : identification, discovery, or practice.

Identification - These topics are the ones I have no idea about. I don't even know the topic let alone how to apply it. These can usually be tackled pretty quickly. Once an Identification topic has been identified we are done with it, I may convert it to a discovery topic or drop it from my list altogether. The goal in identification is to determine what it is, and if it might be useful to me.
Discovery - These topics are ones I may have already identified but now seek to understand more deeply.
Practice - These topics are arguably the most important. This is where your skills are honed and your understanding solidified.

Backlog can he found HERE along with more details of the prioritization process.


Possible Open-Source Projects

Git Hub Flow.JPG

How to contribute to open source

  • Godot Engine : 2D and 3D cross-platform game engine.
  • Catapult : Home for performance tools.
  • Scrapy : A fast high-level web crawling & scraping framework for Python.

More good beginner open source projects to be found HERE.

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